Hand Carved

Variety of Wood Species

Custom Sizes

Specializing in Sectional Sticks

"The hiking staff arrived today. Great job! The wood grain, the craftsmanship, the oil finish and your consideration in my order are all second-to-none...I anticipate many jealous and inquiring glances."


Satchels are available in leather to accomodate our 3 section walking sticks and hiking staffs and our 3 section slimline canes.

Leather Satchel
Walking Sticks
$ 50
Leather Satchel
Hiking Staff
$ 55
Leather Satchel
Slimline Cane
$ 50

The first tip on the left is our standard tip which is comprised of a metal ferrule, epoxied to the end of the shaft, covered by a special rubber tip. It is automatically supplied unless the client chooses another tip. The second tip is called a climbing tip. It is solid brass with a slightly rounded tip and is most frequently used on wading staffs. The third tip is our premium convertible brass tip. It has a removable rubber end with an aluminum sleeve covering a stainless steel spike which has been embedded and epoxied in the end of the stick. Great for ice!

Standard Tip $ 0
Brass Climbing Tip $ 10
Convertible Spike Tip $ 30

The wrist strap shown uses an elastic sleeve which doesn't damage the finish and can be easily removed.

Wrist Straps
Black $ 10
Brown $ 10