Hand Carved

Variety of Wood Species

Custom Sizes

Specializing in Sectional Sticks

I am happy to take orders for custom sizes and most orders I receive from my web site include carving to suit the specific person who will be using the piece. There is no extra charge for custom sizes. Each piece is discreetly signed near the bottom and we will happily personalize it by adding "Hand carved for ??" with the users name.

When measuring for custom sizes, we are talking about a number of options. The measurements may include the height from the floor to the elbow for a walking stick or to the shoulder for a hiking staff or the wrist for a cane. If a convertible sectional model is being ordered I will require both the wrist and elbow measurements. If youíre not sure what size is need, Iíll be happy to discuss you needs.

Standard sizing

Generally, you can safely use the following guidelines for sizing.

All measurements should be taken from the floor with the person standing normally in the footware expected to be used with the piece.

  • Cane: Measure to the crease where the wrist meets the forearm.
  • Walking stick: Measure to the elbow, then add 2"
  • Hiking staffs: Measure to the shoulder, then subtract 2"
  • I like to use a walking stick when Iím hiking or walking on fairly level terrain. If the terrain is mixed with boulders and ditches, the extra length of the hiking staff will prove especially helpful on descents.