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3 Section Black Walnut

"The maple hiking staff arrived safe and sound. It is exquisite -- a real work of art. The care you took in making it is obvious. I will certainly give your name to anyone who is interested. Thanks so much!"


"I received the monopod today and just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with it. Not knowing anything about walking sticks or your work, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but this has exceeded all of my expectations. "


We specialize in hand carved 3 section hiking staffs that break down for easy travel packing. We also offer a 1 piece hiking staff. All hiking staffs are custom carved to suit the individual client and are available in a wide variety of wood species and heights. Each staff is discreetly signed near the bottom and we will happily personalize it by adding "Hand carved for ??" with the users name. The top of the staff has a handle area of about 8" plus flared knob which permits the hand to slide easily while moving down hill, over rocks and across ditches etc. Another handle area at mid stick for horizontal carry. The bottom is fitted with a brass ferrule for added strength and covered with a black rubber replaceable tip. We also offer additional optional tips, listed below, as well as custom leather satchels.

Our 3 section hiking staffs are assembled using machined brass joins. These joins are counter sunk, and are unseen when the sections are joined together, creating a wood on wood connection for added strength.

We recommend a height of about 2" below the shoulder for hiking staffs but are happy to carve to suit our clients individual needs.

Samples of carving styles; Fancy(left), Swirl(right).

This photo shows 4 hiking staffs; from the left, Curly Maple, Black Cherry, Black Walnut and Bird's Eye Maple. All are 3 section travel pieces that easily disassemble for ease of packing.

One-Piece Hand Carved Hiking Staff

...made from a single piece of the wood of your choice and in the size that is best for you. They are hand carved in either the "Fancy" or "Swirl" style, then finished with Tung Oil.

Item Smooth Swirl Fancy
Bird's Eye Maple $130
Curly Maple $100
Black Cherry $ 85
Oak $ 85
Black Walnut $100
Teak $110
Mahogany $ 90
$ 125

Three-Piece Hand Carved Hiking Staff

...joined with machined brass couplers and are hand carved in either "Swirl" or "Fancy" patterns. Woods range from saplings (Birch,Cherry,Maple) to premium (Bird's Eye Maple, Curly Maple, Black Cherry, Oak and Walnut.

Item Smooth Swirl Fancy
Bird's Eye Maple $155
Curly Maple $140
Black Cherry $125
Oak $125
Black Walnut $140
Teak $150
Mahogany $130

Optional Accessories

Satchels are available in leather to accomodate our 3 section walking sticks and hiking staffs and our 3 section slimline canes.

Leather Satchel
Hiking Staff
$ 55

The first tip on the left is our standard tip which is comprised of a metal ferrule, epoxied to the end of the shaft, covered by a special rubber tip. It is automatically supplied unless the client chooses another tip. The second tip is called a climbing tip. It is solid brass with a slightly rounded tip and is most frequently used on wading staffs. The third tip is our premium convertible brass tip. It has a removable rubber end with an aluminum sleeve covering a stainless steel spike which has been embedded and epoxied in the end of the stick. Great for ice!

Standard Tip $ 0
Brass Climbing Tip $ 10
Convertible Spike Tip $ 30

Samples of a monopod top with steel hardware installed.
Monopod Top - All Staffs $ 25