Hand Carved

Variety of Wood Species

Custom Sizes

Specializing in Sectional Sticks

Sectional walking sticks, hiking staffs, wading staffs and canes are our specialties. All sectional sticks are make from a single piece of wood that has been sawn apart and rejoined using machined brass joins. The brass joins are counter sunk in the ends of the sections so when the sections are screwed together, the joint is wood on wood, for added strength, and the brass coupler is unsee. The sectional sticks, when completely screwed together, look just like our one piece sticks. You really have to look closely to find where each section joins the nect.

We offer our pieces in a wide variety of wood species from local saplings and native premium woods, to international exotic woods. We maintain an inventory of 35 species and if wqe don't have it, we can probably get it.