Hand Carved

Variety of Wood Species

Custom Sizes

Specializing in Sectional Sticks

A wide variety of wood species are available, divided into three primary categories; native premium, imported premium and native saplings.

Local Premium: this is wood which has special figure or color and has been sawn from trees harvested locally. I collect wood sawn at a local mill which saves the slabs from these special trees. Slabs are the pieces cut during the first pass of the saw which has one flat side and the other side is the rounded outer edge containing the bark. In many cases it is difficult to tell a tree contains special or premium characteristics until sawing has begun. The species I collect include; Birdís Eye Maple, Curly/Tiger/Fiddleback Maple, Curly Birch, Black Cherry and Oak.

Non Local Premium: my customers tastes in wood is wide and varied and increasingly I am being asked to produce pieces from wood not local to my area and I therefore import this wood. This wood may be imported from anywhere in the world through reputable dealers and wood in stock includes; Afromisa, Aniegre, Bocote, Bolivian Rosewood, Bubinga, Cocobolo, Keruing, Leopardwood, Padouk, Purpleheart, Redwood (fiddleback) and Teak.

Local Saplings: these are small trees about 1 Ĺ" in diameter and about 5' long which are collected locally from forestry silviculture thinning sites. These are sites where the trees were harvested about 12 to 15 years ago and new trees germinated naturally from the surrounding area to replace those cut. These small trees, or saplings, are typically comprised of a number of different species and are typically far too numerous for the land to support them when they mature. The land owners, working from a master forestry plan, cut down many of these small trees to create the proper spacing for the remaining trees. I visit these thinning sites, with permission of the land owners, and select saplings that will be suitable for walking sticks from those that have already been cut in the thinning process. The species I collect include Cherry and Birch.

The premiums woods shown in the attached picture are, from left to right, Curly Maple, Birdís Eye Maple, Oak, Black Cherry, Mahogany, Teak, and Walnut.